Boot Fitting

The ski boot, an essential interface between the skier and the snow, has benefited from several years of constant innovation. With the technical nature of the materials and changes in footwear, comfort and warmth, manufacturers are now getting very close to the perfect combination of performance and accessibility. But one thing does not change, the ski boot is still very far from the concept of a flip flop, it is nothing but a big piece of plastic into which your foot, subjected to considerable effort, is not really in its place.

Comfort and precision

Whether you are looking for performance or the Holy Grail of “comfort / warmth”, your footwear will surely need to be adapted to the life of your foot, its morphology, its support, etc. With our experience and our expertise, we can advise you and be at your disposal to analyze your problems or needs and remedy them to bring you comfort and precision. 

Shell distortion, traditional boot cushioning, customized thermo-molded soles, booster straps; boot fitting is a set of techniques and materials to find a solution for your foot problems, so that the relationship with your skis is a harmonious one.

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