Downhill skiing

Adult range

  • BLUE : Skis that provide comfort and tolerance, they forgive faults and help you to progress safely on easy slopes.
  • RED : Versatile and comfortable skis, they guarantee effortless confidence and fun on all types of red slopes.
  • BLACK : Skis for technical skiers seeking sensations, precise handling and skiing with excellent grip.
  • DIAMOND : Skis that are among the most powerful for experts who do not compromise between grip, control and speed.

Range for children

Skis recommended for future champions aged up to 6 years. A perfect selection of skis for them to learn with confidence in their first descents on gentle slopes.

“Blue ski” junior range

Easy and tolerant skis specially designed for budding champions and guaranteeing fast learning and progress. Perfect for future racers from beginner to intermediate level on worked surfaces and at moderate speeds.

“Red Ski” junior range

High performance and multidisciplinary skis offering more precision for skiing that is full of comfort and sensations. Skis in this range are particularly recommended for lightweight junior racers aged between 7-13 years and up to 1.60m tall, who want to develop and improve their technique on the slopes.

Teens range

Skis for teenagers aged between 14-17years, with similar characteristics to the adult skis and perfect for getting lots of sensations. Accuracy and performance await you to gain maximum pleasure on your skis.


An essential interface between the skier and the ground, they provide good bearing, control, support and comfort. A range of modern shoes for all kinds of feet.


Whatever your level or style, falls, collisions and other bumps are part of the game.

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